Argh it’s only 8.30 and it’s already 25 degrees it’s so nice out here right now but this is not going to stay this cool and argh I hate hot weather already and it’s only October

rickyw0ng replied to your post “rickyw0ng replied to your photoset “1x05 | 2x03” that was so beautiful…”

no no not in the slightest! he just means a lot to meeeeeee

ok good, I just can’t tell when you’re being sarcastic anymore you should be v. proud tbh


rickyw0ng replied to your photoset “1x05 | 2x03”

that was so beautiful omg brought a tear to my eye

heyyyy are you paying me out ?

"I quite like that new song by that seven weeks of summer"
- my dad aka the actual cutest


AGENTS OF SHIELD MEME  [6/6] favourite characters

Antoine Triplett

Instgram photos from “Wilmington to Paris 2” Convention in Paris